A compelling tale of violence, love and intimate betrayal, set on the streets of Melbourne. Hando seeks white supremacy, his gang members just want action, the Vietnamese want revenge. But when the women join the gang they bring disaster, along with devastating consequences.


About Me

My teenage son hated reading, so I wrote books with not too many words, like cartoons without the pictures. And he read them. Great.

Metro wrote: Harewood’s Voices in the Wash-House was one of the year’s funniest books. She writes with humour and understanding about the lives, loves, fears and joys of teenagers.

Appleton (rippa reading) called them: Very Australian books.

Just what I was aiming for.

My teenage fiction is still relevant today. But they're out of print. So to share the madcap adventures of my teenage heroes, I've converted them to e-Books. Read them online or from on your tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone in any format that suits you. Teens everywhere can enjoy them again. My adult books are also now online to surprise and delight you.

When my dad died I felt black, bleak. I was writing novels for Geoffrey Wright’s films which are also black and bleak. One morning I woke up with a kids’ book in my head, Flying Colours. It’s my favourite book, full of sunshine, hope, triumph.

I worked on travel guides for Lonely Planet and now I’m writing travel adventures. It’s all fantastic fun. I will have Vanuatu - Almost Paradise on the site very soon.