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Vanuatu Adventures

Vanuatu has everything. It’s called the world’s happiest nation, and who could disagree when you’re gazing at colourful lakes, climbing down into caves, and is that a raging river you have to walk through? Or maybe you’d prefer a blue hole, a sandy beach, a deserted tropical island or an archeological dig. Read this book and you’ll rush to book your flights.

When Jocelyn goes to Vanuatu to write a travel guide she has no idea she will have so many wild adventures, so many awesome moments and meet so many fantastic people. Join her on this fun-filled research trip and feel the joy of romping around nature’s paradise, or is it the devil’s garden? And wonder, as she did, if she’ll come to a sticky end, what with the horses, the volcanoes, the boulders she must climb over, the hot pools. And yes, wow, it is all magnificent.

...Everyone has gone. I’m by myself in this tiny bay. When the dugong comes snuffling along the ocean floor like a Telly Tubby’s vacuum cleaner, the sand making a hazy smoke trail around its head. I’m watching, lying on the surface, moving my flippers just enough to keep me above it. Fascinating. Then it rolls on its back, turns its head to one side and looks at me from one eye. I keep still. Floating. It likes what it sees, what’s not to like you may ask since we’re both the same smooth round shape although he’s a dull grey colour and I’m in bright blue bathers. So Bondas swims up, nudges me with its nose, I touch its head and it rolls onto its back, so I touch its tummy then rub its tummy and its covered in long quills, spiky, so I rub its tummy carefully and I’m so utterly amazed that I’m in the sea with a dugong and feeling as though it’s chosen to come communicate with me...

Romper Stomper

Written for Geoffrey Wright’s award-winning movie, Romper Stomper follows a neo-Nazi skinhead gang’s rampage against the Vietnamese. When a film producer’s daughter becomes Hando’s girl, events spin out of control.

This is a compelling tale of violence, love and intimate betrayal, set on the streets of Melbourne. Hando seeks white supremacy, his gang members just want action, the Vietnamese want revenge. But when the women join the gang they bring disaster, along with devastating consequences.

...Hando, Davey and Gabriel slid down a drainpipe onto a bin in a lane abutting the hill. The others were still clambering down at the end of the lane. They ran back the way they’d come, between the factories, across a street, up onto the railway line and on, along the railway bridge across the Maribyrnong River.

Tiger, Luc and Kha came out onto the roof and looked across the factory clerestories. In the distance, seven figures straggled along the railway bridge. The eighth one in the long coat strode out erect. Tiger shook his head slowly, eyes fixed on the coat. The swing of it mocked him. He barely noticed when Sonny, the last figure, flashed a browneye. A siren screamed. It dragged his attention down to the street. He yelled at Luc over his shoulder. ‘Cops. Tell the others.’

‘But the skinheads,’ Luc argued.

‘Go!’ Tiger peered through the pulsing black spots at the distant figures and shook his head slowly. ‘Fuckin next time...

Metal Skin

A gripping tale of witchcraft, sex, death and betrayal, based on Geoffrey Wright’s disturbing film, Metal Skin, set in a world of drag races, sick cars, black magic and obsessive love.

Dazey has everything– women, cars, money. His girlfriend is beautiful, Joe thinks he’s a hero and Savina adores him. But behind all the success, Dazey is driven by memories too terrible to face, and what happens when there seems to be only one thing left to do.

...A Torana was tracking him, gaining, Joe’s eyes drawn to the rear-vision mirror, up, down, keeping watch. He scraped his top teeth over his lower lip, pulling it into a cushion of flesh. And scraped again.

   The Torana filled the mirror, bright red, number plate SEX. It came closer, horn blaring. Paul Secchi. That woman of his, Lisa. Joe rammed the wagon back into fourth and swung to the outside lane to block thblockquote but the Torana came up fast on the inside. ‘Hi, Psycho Joe!’

   Joe crunched hard on his lip. Glanced across. Paul Secchi. Watching him, not watching the road, square face arrogant, powerful. Joe hated him. Hated his car. Big deal present for his eighteenth. He got everything, Paul Secchi.

   Joe’s foot was still planted. Pedal to the metal. Engine straining. But Paul pulled ahead. Joe leant on the steering wheel, willing the wagon forward, feeling the pick-up at last…

Lover Boy

This stunning novel explores the conflicting worlds of an adolescent boy and a mature woman as they discover the full force of their sexuality. The joy this brings soon turns to torment and violence.

Sally is forty-three and alone, when a teenager comes into her life. Based on Geoffrey Wright’s powerful Australian film, the reader is invited into the private, sensual relationship of the lovers and the effect this relationship has on other adults and teenagers in their lives.

...Sally shuddered and cried with the wonder of it and still he touched and kissed her until he had deciphered every message in her skin, placed his breath in every pore, and stroked every one of her fine filaments of hair, and even caressed those places that had no hair, the soft moist inside edges of her lips, the dry unique prints of her fingertips, the tasty wax and musk crevice behind her ears ... Sally woke. She lay with her eyes closed for several minutes. She knew it was Michael holding her, but she didn’t want to know. After a while she opened her eyes and breathed deeply.

   ‘Michael,’ she whispered. Then she sat up, because she had to see this through. ‘Michael. You have to go home. Your mum’ll wonder where you got to...

The Killing of Genevieve, and other stories

Sex, death, travel adventures, domestic violence, these are some of the topics covered in these stories. There’s a small windfall, a sad murder, an affair, a dog’s intuition. And a bit more sex.

The power of women is explored in many of these stories, along with their vulnerability and their courage. Many of the stories are based on real events, others are just for fun, but they all help one to see how issues that face us can effect anybody. 

‘I can only stay for half an hour,’ she told Simon when they met down by the river, in the dark, hidden from the road by twelve feet of bushes. 

   ‘Alan’s at home is he?’ he asked, spreading a rug.

   ‘Yes. I told him I was going to the Milk Bar for cigarettes.’ She giggled merrily. ‘He was really cross. He said I should organize these things in the day so his evenings weren’t disturbed.’

   Sally ran her fingers up and down Simon’s spine. ‘He said he can’t be expected to mind the children after he’s worked all day, threw the empty packet at me and said I was a lazy, incompetent slut.’

   ‘Alan is so paranoid,’ Simon murmured, his voice warm with concern. ‘He uses you to offload his paranoia. He doesn’t realise you’ve worked all day as well.’ He stroked her face. ‘What did you do?’

   ‘I left quickly before he decided I couldn’t go at all.’

   ‘You have a wonderful sense of humour,’ he told her, nestling onto her breasts.

   They laughed and frolicked back up the hill through the bushes to their cars an hour later, exhillarated by their wickedness.

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High Hopes

When the school bully goes on ski camp it looks like the other kids will suffer. But is the bully different on the slopes? And who will fall for the ski instructor? Bend zee kneez, pleez. Of course ski camps always come to an end, except everything changes when an argument starts in the bus home. They’d hoped to learn to ski, and they did, a bit, but who won’t be able to handle the slippery slope they’re on now. Who will end up being destroyed by the decisions that are made?


...Joel was in his ski gear, soaking wet, his ginger curls clinging to his bright flushed face. It wasn’t just the flush from skiing. He was looking embarrassed. He held a small blue cardboard box in his hands and thrust it towards her.

Jaye laughed and bounced on her toes, glanced quickly up and down the corridor, empty, then stretched up and kissed him. He put his arms around her and kissed her back, the box a sharp lump between them.

‘Open it,’ he whispered.

She drew away and took off the lid. Inside was a shiny silvery ornament. As she lifted it out the top half swung backwards and forwards. A little silver ski man, suspended above a silver cylinder, his long silver skis shooshing back and forth over it. They watched him. Back and forth over the cylinder. Jaye looked up.

‘Thank you,’ she whispered.

‘I want you to remember me,’ he whispered back...

Voices in the Wash-House

Peregrine is bedded down in the wash-house with a broken leg so his mate rigs up microphones through the house. But he’s not prepared for the sorts of things he hears about his family.

There’s his sisters talking about you know what, his young brother mumbling away, and the local cop chatting up his mother. But the worst thing is when they decide he needs a bath. This is a novel for teenagers, or anyone who lives with teenagers, that will make you laugh out loud.

...Do you want to see my cast? You won’t yell or anything?’ You never know what’s likely to set her off.

   ‘Geez, Kid. It’s beautiful. It’s like the graffiti on the railway bridge.’


   ‘You didn’t! You idiots. They’d lock you up if they caught you. For goodness sake, Kid. Turn your leg around so I can see the rest. Oh, no! Peregrine!’

   I’m in serious trouble when she calls me Peregrine. ‘Don’t you like it?’

   ‘Look at your sheets.’ Oh, ho. Mum’s lifting both arms up. It’s a nervous reaction she has when she wants to kill you. ‘You sprayed paint? Here in the bed? No wonder this room smells terrible.’

   ‘Only a little bit sprayed off the edges, Mum.’

Movement on the Sofa

A teenager doesn’t get it easy you know: a girlfriend after his body, a mate kicked out of home and a pup with a broken leg. No wonder Peregrine can’t find a minute to get his act together.

But when his mother gets on with the local cop then things go seriously wrong in the household, the lad realises he can’t just be a blob on the sofa. It’s another episode in the life of the only slightly crazy Merritts; an irresistible sequel to Voices in the Wash-House.

...A grey Holden ute pulls out from the opposite curb, starting a U-ey, lumbering across the road like an old cow. Ash screams. The Harley tyres scream. Steven swerves to go behind the ute but the guy suddenly stops.

   We were running by the time the thump of air knocked us.

   The bike rode up the old cow like a cattle dog. I stop mid-step as Steven comes out of a cloud of glass, spinning high. He rolls against the sun, colourless, then plummets down into the bullet-head of the crash helmet.

Stepping on Mussels

Peregrine can’t explain it: his boss sacks him, his girlfriend is furious with him, his mother’s sending him to Paris. But Paris will be one cool adventure. The third book in this hilarious series.

It’s fortunate the women in France are so gorgeous. It could help a man forget his worries: Peregrine’s making another attempt to grow up and meantime he’s learning about life and love but it just never gets any easier. It’s just lucky he speaks French, NES SI PAR.

...I’m woken by a crash and bang and squealing and clanking, and someone’s stumbling down my path. I glance at the clock. 4.37. There’s only one person it could be.

   ‘Perr. Oh, Perr. I’ve knocked the dustbins and I’m so unhappy, Perr, and they’re all rolling down the road and I can’t stop crying,’ and Sonya falls through the door and flings herself across my bed.

   ‘Don’t worry about it,’ I mumble, minimally embarrassed, and pull her up the bed a bit.

   ‘I can’t help it,’ she sobs. ‘I’ve tried to forget you and I can’t, Perr.’

   This bungalow attracts crying women. I’m wiping her face with my doona when there’s more racket outside and Mum’s clomping up to the door.

   ‘What on earth are you doing here, Sonya?’ she’s yelling, which makes Sonya cry louder.

   ‘But,’ she blurts, ‘I love him, Mrs Merritt.’ My ears are electrified. It’s loud enough for the entire neighbourhood to hear.

   ‘I think you’ve been drinking,’ says my mother. Like, the old Son’s totally off her face...

Worms in the Night

Through her hilarious ups and downs with her father and friends, Penny learns about death, spelling and crosswords, how to dye your hair and friendship, but she hadn’t planned to fall in love.

Penny is grieving for her mother, worrying about her dad’s weird behaviour and concerned for an old man who is spaced-out about worms. It’s all too much and no-one understands her problems. Then when she helps a school friend with his dyslexia, everything changes, both for good and bad.

...But the next afternoon, when he came over, you’ll never guess. He kissed me. Honestly. Moose kissed me.

   I’ve no idea how it happened. We were just sitting on the front step and talking about spelling and stuff, and my Dad had forgotten to bring the books home so I still didn’t know anything, when all of a sudden Moose just leaned forward a little bit and I just turned around slightly and he kissed me. On the lips. Not a proper kiss. Like, he didn’t put his tongue in or anything, but much, much better than Nick’s pup’s.


Food allergies send Steven into violent rages. But he has to get his act together, now he’s met this chick. Then a near-fatal accident changes everything.

A vibrant tale about two teenagers and how their problems increase when they fall in love. Steven is haunted by his past. Jenny is determined to not get hurt in this relationship. But when her mother tries to help, who ends up suffering? An insight into the hearts and minds of teenagers and parents.

...He hardly noticed the girls dancing, trippy, but as one girl backed into him he grabbed her arm. ‘Hi,’ he mouthed and swung around her.

   She twisted away, opened her mouth to insult him, but stopped. She stood motionless, mouth open.

   Steven felt the break in the momentum and looked up.

   Steven and Jenny had met...

Hot Hoppers

Kadine’s father dies, testing his new sport of skiing on clouds. Then her mother sells the invention and Kadine’s life goes into turmoil. Who can she trust, and why does she feel guilty?

Kadine is determined to get the rights to her father’s invention back again. But everything is working against her, even her own mother. Is the man who now owns the rights going to betray her? As the cloud skiing season opens, Kadine has to find solutions to many problems.

...The edge of the cloud was a latticed web of rainbows breaking away in tiny puffs of colour. In from the edge the colour was stronger, pinker, then purple and grey where the cloud banked up alongside them. Dark caves hung in the grey wall, moving, their mouths curling into smiles or yawns as the air currents played with them.

   Suddenly he swept up, across the open space of a cave and on, straight up the cloud, held out horizontal, then upside down as it curved him over and let him go. He stayed, suspended, gracefully completed the circle and landed back on their level.

   ‘Wow,’ he cried, waving across to them before heading towards it again...

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Flying Colours

Codey’s dad has problems with his computer colours, so Codey decides to help. It’s like magic. Each colour zaps him, and his dog Buckets, into amazing situations. But what if they can’t get back?

Are they meant to be in these strange situations? It seems like the magic is sending them to help people, but what if it’s too dangerous? Melissa arrives, and together the three of them, yes Buckets too, work out how to be safe, yet still go where they’re most needed.

...The whole screen turned blue. ‘Uh-oh,’ said Codey. Blue spread out from the screen. Blue spread around the room. Uh-oh, said Buckets and backed towards the door. They were surrounded by deep-sea blue.

   The room tipped to one side. Buckets rolled forward and wrapped his four legs tightly around Codey ... Codey grabbed for the edge of the table as he was thrown back the other way. But it wasn’t a table. It was the top of a hatch. A very wet hatch. He flung himself across it, holding firmly to the far side.

   ‘Help!’ he called. But his voice was whipped away....

Piddles Goes to Jail and Other Stories

Stories about pets for 8 to 12 year-olds: Has the ranger picked up Piddles? Will Harvey keep young Luke safe? Minnie’s family move house in the 1950s.

In other stories, Jake travels to Fiji, Kryz is masterchef for a morning, Jodie sees a star in her bedroom and Lauren is lost in a pool of water. The children are all heroes, being helpful, imaginative, or simply having fun. Then there’s birthdays to celebrate.

...‘What took you so long?’ his Mum called as they ran in the front door. ‘I was starting to get worried.’

   ‘It’s a long way,’ Luke said.

   ‘Yes, but even so.’ She looked at him closely. Then she looked at Harvey. ‘You two have been up to something. Haven’t you. You’re both grinning on the inside.’

   Luke laughed and rubbed his dog’s head. ‘If I tell you, Mum, you have to promise to believe me.’...

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