Teenagers' e-Books

Writing teenagers' e-books, so they could read about themselves, about their worries, their successes and their glorious energies, was so important to me. I wanted Australian kids to see themselves in Australian streets, using their own slang, talking the talk. It worried me that many teenagers didn't enjoy reading and I hoped they would enjoy seeing themselves, and as I wrote about them, the humour was there.  I was especially concerned for kids with food allergies or kids with dyslexia. Food allergies forms the background of Spiked and dyslexia is the basis of Worms in the Night. Again, there was a lot of humour involved when they 'talked the talk'. Read these books, now as e-Books, if you share my concerns. I'd love to hear from you.

Being runner-up for the prestigious Premier’s Literary Awards made me feel I was really being a writer. So exciting, like the previous Christmas Eve when Australian Literary Management said they wanted my first novel. That was one hell of a Christmas present.’

One morning, Voices in the Wash-House was on the full-cover front page of the Age Saturday Extra, in ‘Twenty terrific books for family reading’.

It said; ‘While being entirely believable, Jocelyn Harewood’s view of the world is not at all bleak. She talks with frankness and compassion about family and sexual relationships, school life, the intensity and volatility of teenage friendships. She shows young people in difficult, complex and often dangerous situations but tackling all this with courage and humour. – Nieuwenhuizen (The Age)

Jocelyn’s books sparkle with teenage energy, humour and dialogue. Her first work, Voices in the Wash-House, was shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards. (Popular Writing Forum)

Harewood’s novels are about the joys and heartbreak of being an adolescent. Peregrine, the hero, never feels responsible for his own actions. It’s like seeing things from the opposite direction. Harewood says, ‘I wanted to say how kids care about things and I used his voice. He’s so naive that he’s able to say anything. It’s at a very questioning time in their lives.’ – Costain (Pursuit)

The voice is timeless, intimate, hilarious. It definitely speaks to today's youth. - JG Krantz (USA)


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